Tuesdays with the pretty girls: The (now) infamous “Eat Less” shirt

Not that I want to give Urban Outfitters anymore press, as they have received enough of it as of late with this shirt, but I wanted to know what the everyday woman thought of it.

I am confused and appalled that a shirt like this exists. I don’t undersntad why a stick figure is wearing a shirt that says “eat less.”  Way to go Urban Outfitters! Way to promote a healthy image and set a great example for girls all over the world! Nicely done!

If UO wanted to push the boundaries with this shirt and generate some publicity, then mission accomplished.  But I find this shirt tasteless and can’t imagine anyone who would even want to wear it.  However, I’m not surprised that some women would wear this shirt, because at the end of the day, it’s still just an article of clothing.  If you saw someone wearing this shirt, you wouldn’t be influenced to eat less, would you?  Highly doubt it.

I am not sure what to think about it.  It’s so general, it could pertain to a number of things. Americans consume a lot, yes. Most American are overweight, yes. Within the fashion industry, models have been known to eat less, yes.  Does this tee shirt only come in one size–‘One Size Fits All’? I think that it would be more controversial if it did.

I think it’s a waste of materials, labor and people’s money and time. I am confused as to whether it’s a commentary on America’s over consumerism or if it’s pro-ano. Either way, “Eat Less” is not a good message and a T-shirt is not an appropriate vehicle for the message, specifically one sold by a company that mainly markets towards a younger group.

The Urban Outfitters shirt was a gimmick, and it worked. UO is no stranger to shirts, books and gifts that range from mildly to quite controversial or offensive, so I’m not surprised by this garment, or the reaction. I think they did it for attention and to see if anyone would notice. People did notice, rightly disapproved (in my opinion) and it was pulled. UO still got press from it and I’d be surprised if they saw that as anything less than a success.
Got a question? Ask away.

4 responses to “Tuesdays with the pretty girls: The (now) infamous “Eat Less” shirt

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  2. haha anyone who is offended by this is an idiot and any girl who sees and thinks twice about it has issues

  3. This would not even be talked about if it weren’t the politically correct position to take. People wake up, anorexia is no where near the problem compared to people who are over weight and obese. For once I would like people to take a position against fat people like they do “skinny models.” Some states have an obesity rate of 30% of the population. Obesity leads to many health problems and death which raises the cost of health care. Step away from the buffet people.

  4. you likely already know my position on shirts/anything like this. not to be redundant, but its just entirely unnecessary. but so are most of the graphic ts that UO puts out.

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