It’s not try hard, it’s do good: Sporting a pair of Toms shoes

Having just landed a new gig in Boulder, CO has come with more than a few changes in my life, all of which are welcomed with open arms. Life moves a little different up here (Boulder is 30 or so miles northeast of Denver); The air is cleaner, the bicycles ridden more, pedestrians have the right of way everywhere, and the city is among the new breed leading the nation in tech startups. Laid back is how I would describe not only life here, but my new work environment as well. Ditching the wingtips and slacks I once loved so much in favor of jeans and Vans Eras, I recently added my first pair of Toms to the new garb I don on the daily. I figured, Boulder’s a green city, I no longer drive (bus pass FTW), I’ve sold a bunch of my possessions and started riding my bike again, so why not do some more good for the world and snag a some ninja shoes.

After the first day of wearing them, and given my commute to and from my bus in the AM and PM is a good 5 miles each way, I must say that aside from the “do good” feeling I get from the shoes, they are actually quite comfortable. Odd thing is, I wear an 8.5 in every brand of shoe on the market, I wear a 9.5 in Toms. So, if you are thinking about snagging a pair for yourself, size up. And I would be remiss if I didn’t make my go-to Toms joke: So with every pair purchased, they give a pair to a child in need. Does that mean they take that pair away from said child if the initial purchase is returned? Heh…

And now, for no reason other than the fact it is gorgeous, here’s a shot of what I get to see from my seat on the bus before hitting Boulder proper in the morning:


5 responses to “It’s not try hard, it’s do good: Sporting a pair of Toms shoes

  1. Did you see Erica’s post on this: ( we did a secret holiday santa here and Erica had Walter. She got him Tom’s Shoes (gift that keeps on giving).

    Love Tom’s and their whole mission! 🙂

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  3. I’ve considered a pair of Tom’s, and now I’m even more interested! I need a good pair of shoes for walking these laid-back streets 🙂 And I do love who they are and what they’re about.

    • momentumoffailure

      I highly recommend a pair. Super lightweight, actually pretty good looking, durable, and affordable. Savvy has them for $45. Plus I got a free sticker.

  4. I agree…size up. Usually a 12 (in everything except running shoes), I wear a 13 in TOMS. Love them.

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