When your youth becomes classic: Guns N’ Roses and the Acura Integra

It hit me one day that I am no longer a spring chicken, full of youthful vitality and with my finger on the pulse of the newest and latest trends. I think it happened when I first heard Guns N’ Roses on the local classic rock radio station. It was then I felt dated. But it did get me thinking about what else from my “youth” could now be looked to, or in the coming years, as “classic.” As music progresses, more and more iconic bands from the 80s and 90s will seep into that realm sure, but what of autos?

I love my 1995 Acura Integra. And while it certainly is no 50’s Chevy or otherwise cliched “classic car,” I think there’s something to be said for the now-simplistic design driving today’s roads among gaudy spacecraft-like hybrids and tiny scootabouts that are no larger than the Powerwheels I had when I was 6.

Mine looks similar though not black and w/o those sweet wheels.

I was recently on the cusp of selling Colton (yeah, I named my car), but then realized I am too attached to it to ever get rid of it. This is my second 95 Integra, as I sold my first before moving to NYC. But upon my return, and after experiencing firsthand the let-down that is VW, I went right back into the driver’s seat of the ‘Teg. And it is here I will stay… Until I deem it possible and financially responsible to upgrade to the RSX Type S.But until then, let the building of my 1995 Acura Integra sleeper begin. First up, engine overhaul and GSR Fat Fives.

Yes, even as a grizzled, jaded, and seasons 28 year old, I think the street racing circuit is beckoning me once again, and I must heed the call. I remember those teenage days and hot summer nights, the sounds of blow-off valves and squealing tires… Like Huey says, “I gotta get back in time.” Pedals to the metals.

Photo: japanesesportcars.com


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