From 95 to 45 – There’s no preparing for Colorado weather.

While all of last week, the residents of the Rocky Mountain region enjoyed temperatures cruising towards 100 degrees, it was in the blink of an eye we were faced with the frigidness of 45 degrees complete with torrential downpours and mild sleet. The mountains, yeah, they got snow. In any other state and under any other circumstance, you’d be all, “WTF? This isn’t happening!” In Colorado, it’s the norm. The bitch of it is, it’s just hard to prep. Enter the protection of my seldom used windbreaker courtesy of a massive sale at UO a few years back.

Before purchasing my 66North jacket, I’d heard nothing of the brand. In fact, I bought it purely because it was $20 marked down from $450. While I attest to the quality and sheer awesomeness of the jacket itself, a $450 pricetag is still unwarranted. Sorry, 66North. You make one hell of a product, you do. But if I didn’t have your jacket this past weekend as I trudged through the pouring rain, I would have managed still, plus been $450 richer. But since Urban deemed it necessary, some 4 years back, to put one of your jackets on sale, I must now thank you. I admit though, I looked nowhere near as tough as the bloke in the shot for the Glymur, what with me carrying my Whole Foods reusable bags stuffed with organic peppers, hummus, Udi’s muffins, and a pound of quinua. I still rocked the hell out of it. But dammit, if that press shot (above) isn’t going to haunt me for a few days….


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