Man up but cover up: The Stick & Poke and little to no regret.

This could possibly be inspired by feeling particularly “manly” yesterday when speaking with Matt from ELC Clothing and the fact that, the same day, his partner in crime reminded me of my want for another tattoo, but I’ve got the itch again for both a professional shop tat and some homemade ink. I’ve got two permanent fixtures, a panther and the name of an old “gang”* I tried to put together, both of which we done in less than sanitary environments deep in the heart of Brooklyn. The tools were as clean as you’re going to get sipping on Olde English 40’s. And therein lies the only thing I regret. I didn’t get an infection, luckily. The designs themselves and the fact they’ll be with me the rest of my days? I’m fine with.

With my stick and poke artist making a Brooklyn-to-Denver visit this 4th of July, I no doubt assume a sewing needle will enter my flesh a few thousand times (trying to be gruesome). However, in the meantime, I need to figure out what to get done in the shop. An anchor? A lion? Maybe….a dolphin on my belly button (Black Lips reference ftw)? Whatever I decide, I’ll let you know.

And that leads me to my next point: I remain grateful each and every day that I never went the way of getting any ink in a visible place, especially a sleeve or something on my neck. A little dot here and there on a wrist is cool, but my brother and I talk ad nauseum about what the fully-tatted folk do for a living. The desk jobs we hold down don’t so much allow for that style. I suppose there is a world outside of my own, and for be it from me to judge, but, like I said, I’m glad I never went that route.


One response to “Man up but cover up: The Stick & Poke and little to no regret.

  1. I have one tattoo, and am itching to get another. Both of which are not/would not be visible. It’s like a fun little surprise.

    Good luck with your next!

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