Exclusivity: The Volcom T for Coloradans only

Ask anyone who even remotely knows me, and they’ll tell you that A) I make one of the best pizzas from scratch that you will ever taste ever (I will gladly make it for you whenever you want), and, B) I love my Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. I’m set here, and I don’t see me living anywhere else, to be honest. Unless the day comes to sell it all and open a golf cart rental business on Catalina someday… Anyway. I, too, love when companies take the initiative and design product specific for regions. I don’t know if there’s a Volcom flagship two steps from your office, but there is from mine. And while I am not one to really wear t-shirts other than a classic white or gray, I saw the Rockies T and deemed it a must-have.

Now I have something to wear to Rockies games. And all this time, I’d been going shirtless. Fine for Sunday afternoon games. Crappy for blustery early Spring night games. Go Rockies!


Minutes, literally, MINUTES, after I blasted today’s post into the Twitterverse/Internetosphere/Cyberspacerealm, I received a very nicely worded e-mail from the folks at Volcom. They thanked me for the post and patronage. While a company can blindly say, “Thanks for shopping,” as is the case when you check out at, say, any online store, this went beyond the typical protocol and made me realize just how good a company can be. It is in these little steps and embracing the power of social media/networking and realizing the game-changers are the cats like us, that a company will either rise or fall. So, to Sam and the rest of the blokes at Volcom, thank you, and you’re welcome. Why not join the Volcom Army while I have your attention, friends?


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