A want that may never come to fruition: The Skyline GT-R

1969 saw not only the first breaths from Jay-Z, Joe Sakic, Christian Slater, Alexander McQueen, and Jennifer Aniston, but on the same day Yasser Arafat was elected Palestine Liberation Organization leader at the Palestinian National Congress, Nissan decided, “Let’s make a car that, in over 20 years, will become the desire of a young man in Colorado. And let’s dub said auto the Skyline GT-R.”

Photo: Jalopnik

I’m man enough to admit that I wasn’t into this particular mean machine until I saw 2Fast2Furious and our hero, Brian (played aptly by a handsome Paul Walker) rolled onto the screen and into our hearts in one.* I unabashedly admit, too, that the Fast and Furious movie franchise is among my favorite ever. While I may never know what it’s actually like to get behind the wheel of the Skyline GT-R as its owner, I can live vicariously through my friend, Brian (played aptly by my friend, Brian), who works on them and recently built one out for some Middle-Eastern Prince.

2011 rendition by Nissan (from official site)

And with Nissan continually producing the car, my want will not dissipate. Unless I win some sort of lottery or come up with an easy way to earn gobs of cash, or maybe entering a raffle…for a Skyline (it could happen)… I will watch from afar. And I will watch Brian O’Conner with an unquestioned history of heterosexuality.

*Ever notice that Suki calls Brian, “Bullet,” in the opening race and that nickname is not once used every again in the entire movie? Something to think about.


4 responses to “A want that may never come to fruition: The Skyline GT-R

  1. I don’t really put much stock into 2Fast. Definitely the weakest of the series (although it did have Ludacris and the Skyline). Maybe I don’t give it enough credit.

    • I also forgot about Eva Mendes. But that’s the thing, it just ended up a huge star-fest and more and more flashiness (with no Vin Diesel).

      • momentumoffailure

        Not having Vin was a poor choice. Say what you will about his acting, he was born to play the part of Toretto. No one else could have pulled it off.

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