The Pretty Girls: Fit enough for the Zombie Apocalypse?

When looking for a guy, how much weight do you put on physical fitness? Is pilates three times a week sufficient or is someone who can handle themselves and protect you in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse a turn on?” – J. Gaffney


I’m not even physically fit myself so I wouldn’t hold that against a guy if we’re looking at being fit vs. weight.  A guy who does pilates would probably motivate me to get off my ass and start working out.  Yes, that’s more than sufficient.

I for one like knowing a gent can likely protect me from whatever arises, but in every day life a good physique will suffice. I prefer a guy who considers a healthy lifestyle important—one that includes regular exercise, in whatever form. (I do have soft spot for soccer players.) For each gal it will be different, but someone fit without being overly bulky is nice. I’d prefer not to see every vein in your body, nor for your neck to be as thick as my leg. And zombie protection is clearly a must.

I don’t think that I have to have Rambo as a boyfriend nor do I think that I have to have a lanky skinny pole either.  Sure, everyone should care enough to take care of themselves which comes back to your self esteem.  It has to do more with personality than anything. As long as we mesh and have a blast together, are able to work out differences, support and stand up for each other (aren’t over bearing)—everything else should fall in place. When looking for a guy, there is no ‘ideal’ type. Just how they respect themselves, treat others, and how they love me.

There is definitely not a requirement for six pack abs or the ability to build the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. But being physically active is important to me. I like guys who enjoy the outdoors and being active, like going for hikes or a bike rides. Of course it doesn’t hurt if the guy has some experience doing a sport, whether it’s contact like Rugby or Lacrosse or non contact like Crew or Sailing. All in all, if the guy is healthy and takes care of himself, that’s all that matters. And in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, it would be nice if the guy could protect me and beat the crap out of some zombies. But I’d probably feel better if we were both physically fit and I was able to do a little smack down to protect him too.

It’s really not about whether or not he works out. Some were blessed by mother nature and are naturally fit, even if they  drink like fish, eat crap and stay out every night  but somehow are physically gorgeous. So it’s really about looking good and taking care of yourself the best way you know how.

Got a question? Ask away.


3 responses to “The Pretty Girls: Fit enough for the Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. I lift for strength because you never know what might happen. I do want to be able to help people I care about in any potentially grave situation that may arise. Physique is incidental.

    • momentumoffailure

      I read somewhere about why some guy works out – It was something alomng the lines of, “I don’t workout/lift/etc to get pumped and huge. I do it so if it comes to it, I will be able to defend myself from some drunk a-hole talking shit to me at a bar.”

      That’s valid.

  2. In terms of lifting and strength, I did look at my ex boyfriend while we were dating and did say to myself, ‘Ohh good thing he has his build/body because he’d surely be able to protect me in case something were to arise’ in the mean streets of Hermosa Beach. But it’s definitely an afterthought/bonus- not a pre-req.

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