Investment opportunity: Going through hair product

I’ll shell out $40 for a decent haircut at the local Aveda. I will. And, hell, I’ll even admit to going to Aveda. Well, let’s clear that up right quick: After my last visit, with my stylist telling me repeated times how hungover and tired she was, I will not be going any longer. the last thing I want to hear from someone holding a pair of sheers and chopping my locks is how unfocused they are on the job they are doing. That said, I’m looking for a barber. Suggestions?

Back to the fundage: What gets me about hair product is the price of the damn stuff. I use Crew. I have been for years. Which is the point of all this. I bought my initial can of pomade (not pictured, as I just finished it) some 3 years ago. And I just finished it. That got me to thinking: “Product may seem ridiculously overpriced at upwards of $20. But when you consider it an investment versus a purchase, it’s easier to drop that scrilla*.” Used sparingly, as any product should be, it lasted that long. The other three cans (pictured) have lasted just as long, if not more. I admit, I use them even less, but the point remains.

*I only use the term “scrilla” when thinking to myself.


10 responses to “Investment opportunity: Going through hair product

  1. I use the Crew Fiber probably 4 times a week maybe more if I go out. I can get on average about 6 months out of one can. I pay $16 and I think you would be hard pressed to find a better product.

  2. Crew is the stuff…. lasts me forever too. Sometimes I’ll go for a more slick classic look and want the extra shine so I use this crazy stuff called WILDROOT Classic Hair Groom. Greasy as hell but super classic non the less. I found it at a local barber shop. anyways…. i enjoy your blog!

    • momentumoffailure

      Thanks, man. This WildRoot you speak of, I may have to find some online. Is it more for the slicked “greaser” look?

  3. i’ve been using the same stick of bedhead for 3+ years (it’s close to dying). i agree with you that you have to think about the lifetime value of that $20 purchase. it’s much less per use than you’d think.

    • momentumoffailure

      I mean, $20 isn’t an atrociously large sum of money to begin with, but when you consider it’s for this tiny jar of goo, you think, “Shit, man. I could buy like 15 packs of baseball cards instead.” Then you remember it’s gonna last you three years (when used sparingly).

  4. Yeah, a bit more ‘greaser’ I find that it accentuates your hairs natural directional tendencies compared to a pomade where you can chunk pieces in different directions for seperation, this won’t do that. It makes me look like a 29 year old grandfather to be honest. pretty classy though. btw, you got me all into JCrew. Just picked up some madras shorts last weekend:) on sale

    • momentumoffailure

      That’s the jam right there, buddy. Especially in this economy, sales are key. I haven’t been to Crew in weeks. I need to cart my ass over there stat. And thanks for the tip re: hair gunk. I may check it out. Always liked the greaser look actually. Classic.

  5. Looking for a new barber/stylist? Try The Parlour either in the Highlands Neighborhood or Downtown…puts Aveda to shame and can be less expensive..

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