From my personal archives: The Enjoi Co. Panda Sweater

I finally went through the closet last night. I am not sure why i had been putting it off, really. The task itself seemed so daunting, I suppose, but the actual carryout of it was painless and yielded some welcomed results. Not only did I get together a huge pile of old hipster gear that I no longer wear as looking like an eleventeen year old at age 28 is no longer my MO, I found some old shirts, sweater, shorts, pants, and even hats that I stopped wearing when I decided one day, “Dude I look hot in girl jeans.” Glad those days are over. Buffalo Exchange here I come. To sell. Not buy. It’s funny then seeing your clothes on other kids, even friends, around town and thinking, “Gos. What was I ever thinking? What are they still thinking?” Sad, but funny, times.

While the “get rid of” pile was much larger than the “look what I found” one, the Enjoi Skateboards Panda Sweater laid in the keep. Remembering how bad I wanted this and how hard it was to find when I initially bought it is what really gets me. There was a time that if anything had a panda on it, I had to have it. So when a skateboard company came to be using said mammal as its logo, Enjoi became my fave skate brand. Add Louie Barletta, Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Mark Johnson, and Jerry Hsu to some of the original team, and you’re gold. Now, when the weather turns from 90 to 39, as was the case sitting atop a 14K foot mountain this past weekend, I will be prepared. Even more so. You know and I know this isn’t my only sweater.


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