Taking the country roads home fast and in style: The Acura RSX

It’s no lie that with the new chapter I have opened in my life, my priorities have shifted, my focus is in other places, my happiness and positivity is through the roof, and my passion for the tuning world has been reignited. Before the races last weekend, I got the chance to tool around Boulder with some new friends in a choice Subaru WRX wagon. The mountain roads, though we didn’t open the car up too much, are ideal for feeling the force of the car and pushing it to the limit. i also got some good insight as to my next auto endeavor.

Thanks to Chris, Dan, and Alan, I have made up my mind and will be investing in the future via the Acura RSX. While I do love my Integra, (oh, Colton) the 196K odometer reading doesn’t scream, “I have a lot of life left in me.” And I’m in the business of staying the course of this next chapter. New life, new friends, new outlook, new car. I foresee a bright future ahead for this young soldier. And I want to do it from behind the wheel of a car I’ve been lusting after for a long while now. Life’s too short to not get what you want, anyway. You have a dream, even something as simple as a car, go for it. get it. Keep moving and never stop.


2 responses to “Taking the country roads home fast and in style: The Acura RSX

  1. Or you can announce to the world you are planning to be a bachelor for a long time by buying a Honda S2000. Like me

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