If you’re gonna wear the uniform, you gotta sell the cookies: Warrior Footwear doesn’t make me a fighter.

I actually forgot that I had ordered a pair of Warriors as I did so through Gilt during a meeting when I wasn’t required to pay attention. We got off on a tangent that didn’t involve me whatsoever. it was then I must have thought, “Whatever. I could always use another pair of canvas sneaks.” Imagine my surprise then when I arrived home from work last evening and saw a box waiting for me.

“What in the hell is this?” I muttered before clumsily unlocking my door and going into my condo. I knifed open the parcel, removed the contents, sort of remembered ordering the shoes, laced them up, and wore them to walk and get dinner. That’s basically all I did last night. Exciting I know, but the night prior took it out of me, so I felt justified in laying low. As for the quality and comfort and true-to-size fit? All aces thus far. Rockin them sockless today. So far, no blisters. Score. And when I remember that I only paid like $35 for them on Gilt, the deal is sweetened. That’s more money to spend on a sweet lady someday. Because that’s what it’s all about…


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