Closer to the dream: An Acura RSX for the wrist.

Even I’m finding it a bit funny that, with my reignited passion for all things automotive, I haven’t been behind the wheel of my Integra in three and a half weeks. Hey, when work gives you a bus pass that is good for all forms of mass trans, one tends to take full advantage of the perks of not having to be in traffic or pay for gas. However, even though the RTD is my lady these days, I do miss the freedom of driving and not being bound to any schedules save for your own. Plus, nothing beats a speed through the windy Glenwood Canyon roads out on west I-70.

With that and even though I drive minimally, I have recently made the decision that I would like for an Acura to be my future auto machine. Always liked the way an Integra looks when done right and outfitted with some true JDM mods. But to take it a step further, and in what I feel is a more “grown up” approach, I have my eyes on the RSX, as I’ve said in recent past. While the pocketbook needs to be built before I undertake the building of my own RSX, the fine folks at Acura decided to do something nice to egg me on. Without prompt, I was offered an RSX watch, which, honestly, I had no idea what that meant. So when I got a cool little watch in the mail with the emblem of the car of my current desire and a personalized note from the PR rep at Acura, a smile was brought to my face. And right after that, on my evening walk, I found a quarter.

Life is all about small victories, my friends. They add up to one awesome existense.


3 responses to “Closer to the dream: An Acura RSX for the wrist.

  1. awesome work Will! maybe I can get Subaru to send me some promo gear. I mean I practically push the brand on everyone I know who is thinking about buying a new car.

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