Oh, the places I’ve (never) been.

It has come to my attention that I need to travel a bit. My coworkers are taking all these trips. Hell, my COO is in France tooling around on his bicycle while the Tour goes on around him. It all is inspiring me to finally take a trip. I haven’t really done so save for a weekend in Nashville and a wedding last October in Lawrence, KS. Those two destinations were (somewhat) entirely new for me. Lawrence has been visited before but only for a few hours as I passed through to grab a bite on my roadtrip from NYC.

The travel bug has bit again, and it’s going to take more than a penicillin shot this time to get rid of the poison now coursing through my veins. Given the successful reader involvement of yesterday’s post, I decided on my late-leaving-Boulder bus ride last night that, “Hell. I should just let my Twitter contingent (contwingent?) and readers from all over decide where I should send myself. There are a few preexisting conditions I’d like to adhere to:
– Travel must be done over the course of three or four days, so international is out (unless it’s Mexico or Canada
– There are budgetary concerns, so sticking closer to the west coast/mid west/southwest is ideal
– I am most likely traveling alone so a more “major city” would be nice
– I am going somewhere I’ve never been

The last point there… Yes, I could list everywhere I haven’t been, but I thought I’d just let you chime in and I will reply as to whether I’ve been or not. Comment away, and send me somewhere. The place mentioned the most will be my destination. And you can rest knowing you’ve played a part in the history of my life.


8 responses to “Oh, the places I’ve (never) been.

  1. It’s a brilliant time of the year up here in Seattle.

  2. I will continously recommend Oregon. beautiful, lush, mountains, coast, a city but not too big, plateau. no sales tax!! Lewis & Clark said it was the most beautiful place they have ever seen for a reason…!!

  3. Okay, since the Northwest is currently “winning”, I’d highly recommend driving to the Oregon coast and driving up Hwy 101 as far as you can into Washington. You can then go to Seattle then back home. Dip into Portland if you have time.

    I’ve been to neither city but from what I’ve heard they’re both really cool.

    I have driven the Oregon coast however, and it is seriously one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

    This plan may not work in a 3-4 day window because it basically entails two entire days worth of driving from Denver.

  4. I see Northwest showing up a lot (one part of the country I don’t know much about) so I’ll give variety.

    First, we’ve already discussed this but why not a fun, quick trip to Taos. Not a lot of money and also, allows you to drive into the beautiful SouthWest territory. Hello, green chili!

    Second, here are a few of my favorite cities: Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Burlington, VT, Chicago and Boston.

    SB and SF are both one way, quick flights that probably could be done in an easy long weekend trip. Burlington, VT is true to my heart, NorthEast and where I went to college. Much like Boulder, but is in the mountains on a huge lake and has a great music scene (far better than Boulder in my opinion). Not to mention Maple Syrup and home to Dan Bergeron and Chris Nunn.

    All right, two cents, done 🙂

  5. I’m all about cities. SF, Austin, or Chicago

  6. Head out west and drive the coast of California, preferably in a convertible. No, I haven’t done it, but it’s on my list.

  7. Have you ever been to Santa Fe or Albuquerque? I was there when I was a kid and cannot wait to go explore it again and more as an adult. It’s absolutely beautiful and you get to learn about a new culture.

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