Especially in the Economy Mondays

Perhaps a new theme is brewing here where I will report on the sales I find over the weekend. The problem is, I sometimes find deals on the weekdays and by Monday, forget about them. It’s a fast-moving world, my friends. Case in point: Headed to J. Crew this past Sunday while the world watched in bated breath the World Cup. Seeing as how I’ve played one game of soccer in my life, and only did so because Dad said he’d take me to iHop afterwards given I play the entire time, I don’t have too much connection to the sport.

I was among the few non-futbol nuts as I graced the hallways of two of Denver’s finer shopping malls, pillaging the racks at J. Crew. When you see “Extra 30% Off Sale Items,” the term, “budget” goes out the window. My choice find though wasn’t even so much about the item itself, but it was really more about my catching an error.

I’m not one of those people that will complain everytime someone accidentally overcharges me. Sometimes, it is an honest mistake. I won’t let it slide, but I won’t get irrate. We all have to learn, right? So when I was charged $39.99 for the J. Crew Madras shirt that was regularly $72.50, I was ecstatic. But I though, “Let’s see what she says to this…” as I uttered: “So, why was it marked back UP from $29.99 to $39.99?” She informed me a lazy coworker probably just didn’t want to peel the old price off before affixing the new. She in turn gave me the shirt for the $29.99 pricetag. Score. (Plus, it’s red. I hardly wear red. This is indeed an interesting and exciting time to be alive, innit?)

It wasn’t until later on my drive home I got to pondering: “Alright. That answers why the pricetag of $29.99 is still on there, but it doesn’t answer the question as to why it was marked back up.” It wasn’t the only one on the rack with the same problem. I’ll be taking your thoughts now on this matter.


3 responses to “Especially in the Economy Mondays

  1. It was probably never supposed to be $29. The “lazy” associate probably just mismarked it and was too lazy to remove or fully cover up the incorrect price.

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