A Whale of a Sale and the continuation of a nautical obsession

When I was a younger lad, my folks took me east. It was a chilly day on the Cape when we decided to do a bit of whale watching. This must have been over 10 years ago, but I remember every detail of the lumbersome creatures bobbing up and down in the frigid water beneath the boat. Something about the beasts; their sheer size, the mystery of the ocean and the dark as death water, the smell of the salt wofting in the air, and the sounds of the seagulls… It was truley a memorable experience that I will cherish until the end of time. Add the company of my family and it ranks as one of the best days of my childhood years.

Pan to today and a different sort of whale spotting: As reported yesterday, I came across some choice finds at some decent prices this past weekend on a looooong-overdue J. Crew visit. One in particular made me miss that time on the Cape: The J. Crew Whale Belt. Sure, I already have a belt featuring the beauty of the animal, but I see nothing wrong with having two. Dolphins would be another matter altogether. And I could never foresee myself saying, “It’s not IF I need a pony belt…It’s HOW MANY do I need??” Whales are majestic and mysterious creatures, and based on nostalgia and experience alone, I have an affinity for them. There have been plenty of nights spent thinking, “It would be nice to cast it all off, Seth Cohen-style, sail where the wind takes me, live the dream of a sailor (swearing included), and map my own course through life…

It’s usually then I snap-to and remember how lonely that would be and while it does sound romantic, I can’t stand to be alone with my thoughts for more than 15 minutes before wanting to punch myself in the face… Which is why I like shopping so much. I don’t have to think. And add the company of a good friend, there’s another experience worth remembering.


One response to “A Whale of a Sale and the continuation of a nautical obsession

  1. FancyChristofer

    I almost purchased this same belt on Sat.

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