A summer sweater, a secret revealed, and really not caring

I get this question all the time: Who is favorite designer? And I am unwavering in my answer. “I don’t have a favorite designer because honestly, I don’t care about designers.” I won’t buy an ugly garment just because a designer’s name is attached to it. Fair, I have my brands that I remain loyal to, and sometimes they recruit designers for limited edition lines, but it is really of no consequence to me in the end. That said, I have my own ideas on “fashion” and “style” and yadda yadda yadda. I got guff for it, but I still rock the polo/tie ensemble unabashedly. Not to quote South Park as it’s a bit cliche, but, really, I do what I want.

And with that, I shall reveal yet another little trinket of my personal style that some, when and if they notice, have called me out on and that I could care less if they do. In the warmer Spring and into Summer months, I like to wear sweaters. I just copped this choice cable knit from J. Crew when out tackling a day of errands with partner in crime, Amanda. And while the temperatures here are reaching 100 (w/o humidity, hell yes), I still don will it. Why? Because one of my favorite feelings in the world is the comfort of a soft sweater regardless of temperature. I think it stems from wearing my dad’s oversized garments after a chilly day of skiing while nestled by the fire. I’m digressing terribly. Thing is, I like to wear sweaters in Summer without anything underneath. No shirt. The combo of a soft fabric, light breeze, and a cool drink… Man, there’s just something about it I dig. Pair that with a good set of shorts or light linen pants and you’re gold, Jerry. Pure gold!


One response to “A summer sweater, a secret revealed, and really not caring

  1. I like the cotton/linen shawl collar sweat on a cool summer’s night as well. I do prefer a shirt underneath though 🙂

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