What’s in a name? Is she keeping hers and I want whatever the Bonobos gents are on.

The day has come. It’s been 30 years in the making. The first of my brothers is officially tying the knot tomorrow with his long time girlfriend-turned-fiance-and-soon-to-be-wife. The whole thing has left me a little frazzled, confused, and is now seeing me reevaluating life in general. Throughout the years, it was always assumed I would be the first to march down the aisle dressed to the nines to await my blushing bride being escorted afterwards by her father. Alas, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at ya, some of which you will swing at and miss, and others that will smash you in the face rendering you dazed, bloodied and black-eyed. Like a meth ad, of sorts.

In this case, the curveball thrown at me was smashed out of the park. Going…going…foul. Damn. But at least I made contact. I am proud as hell of my brother and wish him all the best. And I couldn’t be more pleased to stand beside him at the altar as he says “I do.” And the choice Brooks Brothers khaki suits he picked for the groomsmen? Very svelte. Tonight, though, for the rehearsal and dinner, I enlisted the fine fabric of the Bonobos Corps to keep me looking sharp.

While I have The Corps, as I stated, Bonobos is one of my fave brands on a few different levels. One, they are good at keeping in touch with customers via social media, emails, phone calls, etc. Two, their gear is top notch both in fit and quality of material. Three, their email blast is among one of three I haven’t unsubscribed from because I thoroughly enjoy getting them. Forth and finally, the names of their pants continue to make me happy. The Tummy Aches (pictured), Crocodandies, Palm Seliks, Fernalizers, Blue Steel, Kentucky Fried Khaki, Tiger Sharks, and the pair I am most coveting right now, the Star Spanglers (below). It’s little things like this, naming each and every pair of pants versus saying, “These are the green ones and these are the black ones,” that can make a company stand out over others for me.

Attention to detail, my friends. One of the more important aspects of life…

3 responses to “What’s in a name? Is she keeping hers and I want whatever the Bonobos gents are on.

  1. Definitely agree with you on the whole curveball life thing. I guess it depends on if you see things as your path versus something that looks like a diversion. I love those star spangled pants- and agreed on the details comment. Those details are what make a brand stand out.

  2. How are the fit on these if you have skinny legs? If I can barely fill out 514s or APC NS (or come up short), how would I do with these?

  3. Red Mosquito–Both of these styles run a touch on the large side so I’d go with a size smaller than you’re used to. Keep in mind we pay for shipping both ways so if they don’t work out, you can send ’em pack without spending a dime on return shipping. –The Bonobos Ninjas

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