Revisiting a classic based on recent compliments: The Modern Amusement Icon

I couldn’t tell you why, but lately, and it’s becoming a common occurance everywhere I go, people are all about the Modern Amusement Icon watch I don on the daily. The checkout girl at J. Crew Park Meadows, the dude at Target, coworkers, extended family memebers (in town for the older brother’s wedding this past weekend), and the list goes on and on. Not that I mind in the least, as a good compliment goes a long way, even when regarding something as simple as a watch.

It’s not that I was having a bad day by any stretch of the term when these nice words were uttered, but that little reaffirmation just made my living on this Earth a tiny bit better. So much so that I’ve taken to paying it forward whenever I see the chance to. On the way into work this morning, I stopped off for a coffee at one of my favorite local haunts. I ordered my usual, added the milk and sugar was about to leave when I thought, “Sure, she’s just a barista and may not own the place but whatever….” Turned around before exiting, thanked her again for the coffee and gave her a nice few words on how great I think the shop is. It made her feel good, I hope, and it made me feel good. As sappy as it may sound, it’s the little things like this that add up to something bigger and better.

If you get a chance, say something nice to someone today. Small or big. Don’t matter. Someone in my office is wearing a Rush T-shirt today, and you’re sure as heck he’s going to get a few accolades from me.

One last thought: If there is anything I feel bad about when getting these compliments, is when I tell them that finding an Icon of their own is next to impossible. What happened to Modern amusement, by the way? Their site is just a picture, their online store is gone, all their gear on other sites is marked down drastically…Did they go belly-up? Anyone know anything about this?


6 responses to “Revisiting a classic based on recent compliments: The Modern Amusement Icon

  1. Positively contagious, that positivity. Thanks.

  2. You never know. You might see it Spring 2011 or 12. Until then it’s vintage!

  3. I used to work for the the Vestal Watch Co. and they initially had the license and launched the very limited release of the MA watches. Basically it all boils down to Mossimo being a douche bag. He bought Paul Frank and liquidated it down to a handful of people and I’m sure hes trimming the fat at MA as well. I dont know whats goin on with the rest of the line but as far as the watches go, if you got one hold on to it cause they will never be again! My buddy who designed this watch is back at Fossil holding it down.

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