On the wall: Tim Layzell starts the conversation

It was through a few of my recent run-ins with some car sites that I stumbled across something magnificent, something beautiful, and something I hope someday graces the wall of my garage when I take the leap and move to the burbs so I have more space for project car builds. I am speaking of course of the amazing artwork of Tim Layzell. I am always first to share my disdain for the “Art World,” as  I really could care less who painted/sculpted/crafted/etc what, when, where, why, and how. I’ve always subscribed to the mantra of: If I like it, it’s good. If I don’t, I don’t. I won’t blindly hang something because it’s “supposed” to be there. In fact, and this is a trite lame, but I always think of the line from “The Breakup,” when J. Aniston is selling that art to the handsome young art buyer and he says, “I don’t see the point of paying $2000 for something it looks like I could have done myself.” Or something along those lines. And I couldn’t agree more.

With that in mind, it was of little wonder why I was drawn so heavily towards Layzell’s art. Not only is is brilliant in color and true in emotion, the content is primarily classic racecars, which is just grand. Hanging these on the wall of the garage, like I said, or if my future bride is cool with hanging them in the house somewhere (my rumpus room would be good, I suppose), while I worked on some sort of automobile with a buddy over a few beers sounds like the life to me. Dreamin…

Check out a few more prints here…..

And get your paws on a original piece by Layzell here….


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