Dance Party U.S. Eh?: Jaguar Love and those Hologram Jams of theirs

I’ve been in bands since I was 13 years old. In that time, I’ve made quite the connections with other musicians, industry folk, fans, and elitists from all walks of life. They’ve schooled me on bands I should know about, and I, inturn, have let them in on some of my faves that they may or may not already be privy to. Lately though, and yes this album didn’t recently come out, but I was surprised to learn how few of my “tuneage” friends knew about Hologram Jams, the latest release from Jaguar Love.

I was an avid Blood Brothers fan from the first time I ever heard the group. I admit, that I was first introduced to them when Burn, Piano Island. Burn hit the shelves, but after, I quickly acquired their entire catalog, Jungle Rules Live DVD included. Needless to say, when the groupd announced their breakup in late 2007, I was A) a bit crushed, and B) completely understanding of it. After listening to the tunes of Young Machetes on repeat a good few hundred times, it was clear that the band as a cohesive unit had peaked. Much like the Postal Service: I care to never hear another original piece by them as Give Up was perfect and anything else may tarnish that rep. But when the group revealed two new projects would come from the ashed of the Blood Bros, my interest repeaked.


From the dust of the break up came Jaguar Love, fronted by Johnny Whitney. The other groupd, Past Lives, got the voice of Jordan Blilie. Tending to opt more for the Whitney songs of the Bllod Brothers, I gravitated more towards Jag Love. Their first LP, Take me to the Sea, was packed with killer jams, indeed, and had me hooked from second one of the first track. That particular sound on the record didn’t last long as the lineup changed, and the group lost their drummer. “Ain’t no thang,” is what I imagine Johnny said, because shortly down the line, they released their latest, Hologram Jams. Since I acquired my copy, I can safely say it’s in my top ten (or five, maybe) releases of 2010.

If you haven’t yet, get a copy of the record, STAT. That way, when you come over for Dance Party Night at my house, you’ll know a few of the jams beforehand and not have to interrupt my groove by asking, “Yo! Will! Who is this??”

Also, check out their SXSW set on Hulu.

“Highways of Gold”


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  1. that’s more like it

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