Feel good Friday in full effect: El Set / Freshies Margaritas are choice.

I splurged* on a bottle of El Set this week as opposed to going with a cheap bottle of Sauza or something of that ilk. Also went local with the margarita mix by way of Freshies. Freshies, btw, is among the best in the mixer department, if you choose to go that route. Typically, I’m a Cointreau/Tequila/Triple Sec, but I thought I’d switch it up.

…Since it’s Summer, it’s Friday, it’s the end of July, and before you know it it will be Fall again, squueze in as many marg nights as you can. Tonight? I’m gonna be on the porch of Amanda’s house, watching the sunset, enjoying the company, and sipping margaritas. Happy Friday.

*$25 is hardly a “splurge,” I know. But when you consider the fact I typically buy cheep booze ($8 liters of vodka are standard), tequila is one booze to drop an extra dime on. There is a difference between cheap and quality.


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