California Dreaming and a Sunday Driver

After another epic weekend spent with amazing company, I realized that everything I once had planned is now in the process of being completely reevaluated…and I’m all in. From the smaller, more mundane details to the larger life-goals, things in general just feel defferent this morning and in much better ways than I ever saw possible.

Spotted: 1962 Nash Metroploitan

I used to talk ad-nauseum about how I was firmly grounded in Colorado for the rest of my years. Did I fear the shift from familiarity, or was I just hesitant to change? What was it about a lenglthy conversation this weekend that has me thinking, “You know, life is what you make of it, and you can do whatever you want with yours. California…it does sound nice.” Maybe it’s the life-long dream of one day driving the entire 101, the easier access to the drift scene (as that has peaked my interest as of late), the promise of a seculded spot in Malibu for picnics at dusk, or simply because one day we all need to step out of the shell we create and see there is more to the world.

Add the bonus of not one, but two fine feather folks wanting to teach me how to surf, and the future is looking bright, my partners in crime. Am I out of here tomorrow? No. A year? Maybe. 5 years. I don’t know. Is the wanderlust creeping into my head exciting me to no end? Yes. Yes it is. So, we’ll see.

PS – This whole California-talk happened in large part after spotting a 1962 Nash Metropolitan (pictured) in the parking lot of Billy’s Inn in Denver… Sunday driver, the coast, palm tress, the beach… Life is for livin.


4 responses to “California Dreaming and a Sunday Driver

  1. Well, come on over to the Best Coast but be forewarned. It’s even harder to leave her once you’ve got a taste so plan on staying awhile. Good luck!

    • momentumoffailure

      Thanks. Yeah I’ve been a number of times, but I am also LONG overdue for another visit. Talked with my friend this weekend about Monterey. Now just need to win the lottery, and I’m there. ha.

  2. Nash Metro! Sick! Next time you are at the Santa Fe artwalk there is an outdoor party/gallery at 6th and inca that has the dopes red nash metro. Yep. Big Gulps, eh? welp see ya!

    p.s. Cali has grown on me immensely, worth a spell for sure.

  3. C’mon out man. After leaving cali 6 years ago, I knew I had to go back. The wife and I quit our jobs in MS and headed toward pacific sunsets and windy roads. It’s like seeing cali in new eyes. I’m restoring a ’76 Porsche 930… Took it down the pch to Monterey yesterday. One of the finest drives of my life. Don’t think, just do.

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