She pledges allegiance to the United States of Me, and other innuendos from Louis XIV

Something about sexual innuendos makes me smile. More so, clever writing is a skill not many possess. I’ve never been one for obscenities in music, as I was taught at an early age: “Cussing (in music) is a way for a dumb person to sound smart.” For the most part, that’s true. But when I first heard the clever and overtly-sexually charged lyrics sung by Jason Hill and Brian Karscig on Louis XIV’s, The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, I was sold on the band. Sure, references like “chocolate girl” and “vanilla friend” helped the group get banned from playin gin Hoover, Alabama, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m banned in Lubbock, Texas for reasons I am not yet at liberty to discuss.* Plus, the Louis XIV guys can dress… The above picture is a bit more Victorian than normal, granted, but, their live show garbs, at least when they were still playing, we pretty damn amazing (see video below). Then later in their career they grew some gnarly beards.

While these are among the more lewd lyrics on the record, I think Paper Doll might be my favorite track on TBLSAK.

Ah bang a gong or get it on
We don’t need to take off our clothes to get it on
Pull your skirt up a little bit
Pull down your top and show me a little tit
I said hey short girl you’re like a midget
You can turn a phone cord into a widget
She said you son of a bitch you little bitch
I ain’t gonna show you my love without a hitch
I said hey hold up sugar just one at a time
Show me yours baby I’ll show you mine
She said oh you’re so pathetic
yeah well so…you’re so magnetic
I said hold up girl I know your game
Ah you want a sugar daddy you can tame

I said sing, sing me a song
And bang me like the girls in Hong Kong
I know I know I ain’t correct
But politics are so much better when there’s sex

I said rollover do me a trick
Do it with your shoes on it’d be a kick
Ah tell me the horse that you pick
Let me buy you a lollipop you want to lick
She said Does that shit work with other girls
If it does, why don’t you find one of them to give you twirls
My love cost pearls
ah does it baby – you don’t say
She said hold up I know your game
You want a paper doll that you can tame
I said sing, sing me a song she said well
touch me like the boys
that did me wrong
you know it’s ok, it’s alright
If you want clean fun go fly a kite.

* I’m not banned in Lubbock.


4 responses to “She pledges allegiance to the United States of Me, and other innuendos from Louis XIV

  1. Thats awesome that you dig this band! I’ve worked with the former bass player and drummer for about a year now & they’re the nicest dudes ever. Matter of fact, I’m going to see Jimmy’s new band tonight. Funny coincidence.

    hey and if you’re thinking of moving west you should consider us out here in San Diego. It’s a rad city.

    Kudos on the cool blog man.


    • momentumoffailure

      Outstanding, man. I haven’t met too many Louis XIV fans. Always glad to see their spirit living on. What are they up to musically these days? Is Louis the band done and theyve all moved on to new projects?

      Tell them I said hey and shoot them the link to this post if you want. Would love to somehow meet them or pin em down for an interview.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. These boys are from my town and I remember when they Blew Up. Haven’t heard much from them recently.

  3. So I mentioned to Jimmy about this blog post & he said there’s been something of a Louis resurgence as of late. Lots of kids like us getting reminiscent on blogs, etc. like you said, good to hear that people are still into it. Check out Rat’s Eyes, that’s Jimmy’s new project, kind of an 80’s punk thing.

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