Reconsidered? Paul Frank Industries

I used to work right near the Paul Frank store in Soho and would pass it everyday as I walked over to Iggy’s with my friend after a long day at the office. Never once did I think to myself, “Ya know, I should really go in there. The amount of clothes I own that don’t have cartoon monkeys on them is dangerously low.” No, I never thought that. And I still don’t. Scanning the pages of the Paul Frank online store isn’t doing much to sway my opinion of the brand, either. This is by no means a jab at them, whatsoever. There are a few choice sunglasses among the brightly-colored gear that I wouldn’t mind donning. And I know a lot of folks that do like the brand’s style…mainly girls…but still.

I was contacted awhile back by one of their press agents asking if I’d give their 2010 eyewear lookbook a gander and let them know if anything caught my eye. Perfect timing, really, as I had just undergone an eye appoitment and was told my eyes are basically shot.* I chose a few pairs (Tour de Friends and the Mustache Museum) and got them in the mail recently. They fit nice and are probably the only thing from Paul Frank I would wear. I have yet to pop in the perscription lenses, but I am looking forward to doing just that one of these days. I keep spending money on other things, forgetting that I should probably push doing  that up in my queue of priorities. Oh well, I can fake it for a little longer.

Tour De Friends

Mustache Museum


One response to “Reconsidered? Paul Frank Industries

  1. Please contact me regarding getting your lenses rx’d.


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