The End of Summer Giveaway – Win shirts and belts and other good stuff.

How to enter: Comment with your finest Summer Vacation story / Best way to “Bro-out” in the Summertime / Where you’d wear the Knot Belt and StatusBro Gear.

StatusBro and Knot Belt Co. have teamed up this Summer for a brotastic giveaway. Up for grabs is a ribbon belt and t-shirt from Knot and a t-shirt and prize pack from Status. Embrace you inner-bro. We all have one. Even you ladies have one. And, hey, you’re eligible for this prize as well.

This contest will run through Labor Day 2010.


17 responses to “The End of Summer Giveaway – Win shirts and belts and other good stuff.

  1. Shit yes. I don’t have too many summer memories as they have all been wiped clean by cases of Coors Light and parties on house boats at Havasu. But that’s definitely where I’d wear this gear next summer if I won. BRO!

  2. I bought the “horse bit” belt this spring and decided it would be perfect to wear to Preakness. Sure enough, I got compliment after compliment and was feeling pretty good about it. I headed over to see my friends at their spot and this girl came up to me who was wearing a polo shirt, riding boots, pastels – the whole east coast look. She saw my belt and after a few more cocktails and a car-ride home, she was the one wearing my belt at the end of the night….so, I hope I win this contest so I can get a different belt and see what happens!

  3. Sometimes the best summer “vacation” is a staycation. Drinking wine on the porch swing, having friends over to BBQ, picnics in the park, people watching in the bar district… or maybe I am just telling myself that since I didn’t go on a real vacation this year??

  4. I had a lovely summer actually. My boyfriend and I went to La Jolla, CA and spent the entire time camping on a deserted beach. We smoked a lot of pot. And we had probably the best sex ever. Plus we ate at In N Out. So, basically, it was the best Summer ever.

  5. One of the best summer vacation stories was a solo adventure. My extended family yearly met up on the shores of Lake Michigan in an old sandy cabin on the beach. The July after my freshman year of college, my mom and sisters had already flown out to meet the relatives. Determined not to miss out on the bonfires and sand dunes, but pinned down by a summer college job, I managed a plan. I secured a few days off, packed up my stepdad’s awesome (awesomely bad) teal mustang and hit the road, solo. The twelve-hour trek (well, I made it in 10.5) from DC to the southern east coast of Lake Michigan was full of gorgeous mountains in West Virginia, sketchy rest stops, plenty of car karaoke, junk food galore, 2 encounters with the fuzz (but no ticket, ha) and racing/flirting with a car full of guys across much of Ohio (the things we do at 19…). Nothing like a solo roadtrip that ends at the beach.

  6. When my whole family went on a giant vacation to the outer banks years ago, my one cousin went to sand-castle-building-work. My whole family is Pittsburgh everything fans. So he and all the rest of us (kids at the time) got to work, making not any sandcastle, but a literally 10 feet by 6 feet sandcastle display. I’m not saying height wise, but width and length wise. There was Heinz field, PNC park, Mellon Arena, we even threw Penn State in there too, because we’re their fans also. We couldn’t construct any form of a field goal, but the stands were very intricate. We built a surrounding town and everything else we loved, plus a crazy Italian section with all the crazy Italian names we could think of, some-what reminicing of the family. We had Mario’s, Fabrizio’s, Vinni’s, Luigi’s, Antonio’s…. it took all week to build. And believe me, this thing was colossal. After much work and dedication the beauty was finished. People literally thought it was some professional exhibit or something (not to the extreme perfection, but just something of a person with professional talent whipped up or something.) We had people taking pictures buy it, talking about it, asking for the “architect”, we had everyone looking at it. It was a masterpiece. Then….. it was Saturday, the day we all were going to go home. We went down to the beach to take away our tent, and take one last gazing look at the castle city……. but it was ruined. Two four wheeler tracks went straight through the Mellon, another at PNC, half of Heinz was missing, and Luigi’s crumbled………… I’ll never forget when my cousin came over. He just fell to his knees in front of it, and shook his head. That was the end of sandcastle history. There’s a photo of my cousin just sitting there. Looking back on it now, it’s one of my favorite experiences. After the castle was destroyed, we decided to put it to eternal rest by showering it with buckets and buckets of water. And it was a joyous time.

    That is my vacation story. Sorry it was such a big comment, I just love telling people stories. And I do hope you could understand it, and think it was funny, because it was. 🙂

    Rachel’s Cottage House

  7. My wife and I were taking a vacation to Maui (it was our honeymoon). After spending 20 mins. at the beach near the beginning of the week, I had a terrible sunburn (mostly on my back). So my wife suggested I take advantage of the “sun burn cooling massage” at the spa, connected to our hotel. I jumped at this opportunity to get pampered. The massage therapist was nice, and the treatment consisted of two stages (two lotions applied to in succession). Afterwards, I was given what was left of the two bottles of lotions to have my wife apply them to my back. So I went back to my room feeling great. Later that evening, I had my wife put on the two lotions in the order that my therapist applied them. Everything was going great, then after a min. it felt like someone was splashing hot bacon grease on my back. My back was on fire. The next 14 hrs were hell (not how I pictured my honeymoon nights going). My wife was up with me the entire night applying light pressure to my back (one of the only things that made the waves of pain feel less powerful). Finally in the morning, we went to a clinic in which I was given two steroid shots. I then slept for the next 24 hrs. It turns out the message therapist neglected to tell me that the first lotion had to be dried, before the second lotion was applied. The two wet lotions created a chemical reaction on my back. Now this may not seem like a great vacation story, but when I tell it at parties it always get big laughs. Sure we missed out on a fun snorkeling adventure, but my wife took wonderful care of me, and I have a great “worst” honeymoon story!

  8. This summer, my younger siblings and I had the amazing opportunity to treat our dad to a mini-vacation to celebrate his 60th birthday. We went to Catalina Island off the coast of California. Catalina is awesome. Gorgeous beaches. Great restaurants. Super mellow. But the best part is that everyone on the island drives pimped out golf carts, which is amazing mainly because the natives on the island are, ahem, rather large people (read: gigantic).

  9. Motorcycle trip with my brothers all the way from our hometown in Iowa to Seattle. Open road. Seedy motels and bars in random towns. Totally broed out time with my brothers.

  10. Every summer my family and I spend the week leading up to the fourth of July up in the Adirondack mountains with about 40-50 of our closest 2nd and 3rd cousins. We all live on one mile long street, and they all trickle in throughout the week leading up to our annual 4th family reunion. Everyone on the street owns partial stock in land about 5 miles away with our own private lake, and days are spent bbq-ing, drinking Utica Club, soaking up the sun and pushing each other off the floating dock in a rousing game of Titanic-there are no winners, and the game goes on all day. Mostly the goal is to avoid the over 6ft, 300lb cousins who like to take out as many people as possible in a giant sweeping bum rush from one side of the little dock to the other. Miraculously, in the 10+ years we have been playing this game, no one has been injured. All the parents sit on the main dock, greeting cousins as they arrive. One family comes up from Florida and until recently would stop at every fireworks stand on the way, loading up their RV, to the point that my dad’s second cousin is now on a “watch list” in DC for driving down the wrong road twice with too many fireworks. Starting Thursday night, we would have a huge fireworks display every night with people from the local town coming to watch because they knew we had the best show with the best views. Finally on Saturday all the other cousins roll in for the day for a 150+ family reunion with games, great food, and drinking. The largest fireworks display was always saved for the night of the party. This is the one time every year I get to see all these cousins, and its the greatest week every summer.

  11. I think my finest summer story would be the infamous summer romance I had with my next door neighbor up at our beach house in maine… It was so perfect, but also ended so fast! / My favorite way to “Bro-out” is to hang out on the beach with a nice G&T / I would wear my new gear to the dance floor to celebrate the end of summer, breaking it down in style!

  12. The best nights should not be swept clean from your memory because how on earth could those be you’re best nights? The best nights of summer do in fact start out with a BBQ on a friends porch over looking the break on the Maine coast of a private beach. After downing some burgers and tossing a few back it all turns into a bit bigger of an occasion..Flotilla. Rafting together at least 3 boats with over 25 people to watch the sunset while continuing to toss a few back and enjoying eachother’s joyous company. Once the sun sets and you have sped back to the harbor and hopped off the boats, you all head back to your respectable places of residence and change into something a little more classy. At the very least dawning you’re very own natucket reds and a button up shirt with the top 3 buttons un-done. It’s then off to a cocktail party where the age ranges from 18-75. You chat it up while continuing to mix yourself drinks and eating delicious hours ‘dourvs or drinking a few beers. Once the cocktail party concludes the real party is moved to the beach where a fire is started promptly and people stay up on private beaches meeting new friends and friends of friends until all hours of the morning and when the sun comes up, people will finally head home and head to bed. That is a night right there. Boats, beach, sunset and sunrise, what can’t you like?

  13. I would wear my new gear to these occasions and wear it proudly..

  14. The gear will be worn on one of the most bro islands in existence…Martha’s Vineyard. While the lobsters are boiling, every bro needs to clean up for the night. “Clean up” includes taking a few bud lights into the shower. After you’ve devoured your 3.5 lb lobster and downed a few rum and cokes, you head down to the Shanty in Edgartown. The Shanty, as it never fails, is filled with beautiful women spending their Summer on the Vineyard and looking to have a good time. You spend the next 4 hours ordering corona limonas and chatting up the hotties at the bar. You then duck out to harbor where you have your bro boat waiting to gaze at the stars with said hotties. You wake up the next morning, throw your raybans on, and head to the beach with your lax stick and a ice cold 30 rack, only to do it all again! That’s Bro!

  15. By far the biggest bro spot on the east coast, Myrtle beach. I hit this place up atleast two or three weeks every summer. Me and my bros know every local slam piece there and always meet the new ones when we go. Give me this gear and I’ll wear it proud. By only looking, everyone will know I am a bro.

  16. This summer i started it off with surfing at the jersey shore. Not the seaside trash that they show on Jersey Shore. No Me, and my friends would wake up every morning, longboard down to the beach check out the waves, head back grab our boards and have a great day of surfing. Then every Friday night we would head back up north for hockey practy. Then my bro and I headed out to California for a service project where we also hiked all around Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Pt.Reyes, and San Fran. Where we met several Cali Bros like Peter Fisco. I head back home and i had to get surgery, even tho i was outta of chylln and playing lax and hockey and no hitting the waves I had my bros and lady friends come visit me, alot of them with food and cake. It was a hard but I made it. Once i was able to walk again I hit up the shore right away again with my cousin (Bmore Bro), We drove down there with top down in our jeep wrangler, rockin pinnis, flowerd shorts, and unreal pair of shades, . Gonna miss this summer but glad it was with the bros.

  17. So who won?

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