Where a decent margarita hasn’t been found (yet): Breckenridge, CO

The food's decent.

The saying goes: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Well, that couldn’t have been truer this past weekend as in the small but well-known mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

In between tearing through the forest on an ATV and firing up the grill at my chalet in the hills, Amanda and I were on the quest for a good margarita among the peaks. After the somewhat weak offering at Rita’s and the sugary, almost mimosa-like pint from Lucha, our hopes and dreams of a refreshing Mexican beverage seemed all but lost. Granted, we did only try the two spots in Breck, it’s not like there are many places to grab one.

Deciding it best to not try for another and instead have complete control over the quality, we ditched downtown and headed back to the cabin and found our way to the deck with a few homemade ones. Fun in the sun and tequila makes for an early night, so it was not surprising to be passed out before 10pm.

This made me laugh. In a good way.

Before leaving town the next day, we thought it proper to try one more Mexican joint for a sip of the tasty tequila. (Yeah, Amanda and I like to drink. Sue me.) I don’t know how one of the best weekends ever turned into an impromptu margarita tasting and review, but it did. We hoped beyond hope that Carlos Miguel’s, just outside of Frisco, was going to be good. Fail. I would chalk them up as the worst of the weekend. Oh well. Still the greatest of times was had, and it made me remember again why mini-vacations are so important for one’s helath, happiness, and well-being.

Small fact: That’s Breckenridge in Dumb and Dumber, not Aspen.


2 responses to “Where a decent margarita hasn’t been found (yet): Breckenridge, CO

  1. LUCKILY, Will makes a mean margarita. And he’s a great cook too. Which is also lucky because, after his marg, I was in no position to be handling sharp kitchen utensils. Best weekend ever.

  2. I take care of ya, babe.

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