A stylish noose: Hill-side chambray tie via J Crew

Since starting the new gig, I haven’t had to don a tie, nor have I had to wear anything all that formal. I won’t lie: It’s a nice feeling to not have to go all “corporate” all the time. Though, I do sometimes miss my professional wear.

Though I did wear a t-shirt to the office today (semi morning slept-through-my-alarm-and-grabbed-what-I-could-to-avoid-missing-the-bus decision), I am making it my mission to dressing up for work. It’s called, “class,” and I’m in need of a good dose. A visit to J Crew is long overdue, as is a visit to NYC. I have to check out the Liquor Store. And although I’m paying off quite the credit card debt, I plan on doing some damage if and when I get out there. These chambray ties are choice, son. Tre.


4 responses to “A stylish noose: Hill-side chambray tie via J Crew

  1. Do you shop anywhere else but J. Crew? Expand your horizons, son.

    • momentumoffailure

      I shop at plenty of place, my man. J Crew happens to be the fave, but I find myself among the racks of other brick and mortars. Plus, there’s always online shopping.

  2. Soooo, choice. I, too, don’t have to don the corporate attire anymore, and I’m thankful for this; however, I do miss the so-fresh-and-so-clean Var that treated the office like a fashion show. Nonetheless, I can’t give up sporting the 5Fingers and rolled up jeans or a pair of skinny jeans (don’t judge me) and fly t-shirt to work on the reg.

  3. Dress it up Will! The best way to set yourself apart!

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