Seeing the world through a video camera: the films of Will Roegge

Will setting up shop at Formula Drift

It was at the Jason’s Deli off Maryland Parkway and Flamingo in Las Vegas that I first had the opportunity to meet filmmaker and all around excellent person, Will Roegge.

Late to the conversation, I came in on a debate of what exactly was going on with Inception. Still haven’t seen it, so I brought nothing to the table. i ordered my sandwich and continued to listen a bit to the words exchanged between him and Team Need for Speed himself, Jesse. We shifted gear (no pun intended) and got to talking about the Formula Drift event, the heat of Vegas, the works of Mr. Roegge and the brilliant Patrick Swayze cameo in Donnie Darko. Will spoke soft but with purpose as he took a few bites of his sandwich and soup. I knew, too, he was there for work and this would be one of the only chances I had to speak with him at a place quieter than a race track.

I didn’t want to grill him with any “So what got you into filmmaking,” questions and just let the conversation flow naturally. He was flattered that I was such a fan and gave off not one gust of pretention. I like to think I can read people pretty well, so I feel confident in saying this: Will Roegge is just a really good person with one hell of an eye. Watch a few videos of his from past drifitng events. More on Will, Linbergh, Forumla Drift, and Vegas in general later this week.

“Sometimes I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion.”


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