Of PJ’s in public and the only way to fly

Vodka Soda $5.

On my trip to Vegas last week, I sent out a Tweet re: wearing pajamas to fly and my extreme distaste for it. Seriously. I don’t get it. I understand the want to be as comfortable as possible 30,000 feet over the great U. S. of A., but come on. You look plain stupid in your Shrek bottoms and oversized Panama Beach sweatshirt. Call me stuck up, an ass, opinionated…whatever….I just am not a fan. Pajamas are for the bedroom. Keep them there.

That said, the $5 vodka/soda I enjoyed while suffering through the awkward and unfunny mess that is Gentlemen Broncos did make me feel better. Why something as stupid as pajamas at the airport gets to me, I haven’t the slightest. I should have been more concerned with the price of the breakfast burrito. Plan ahead next time…note to self.


One response to “Of PJ’s in public and the only way to fly

  1. Ugg..I know what you mean. Leave the PJ’s in the bedroom. And don’t put your giant fuzzy UGG slippers on the security can belt.

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