Your favorite Autumn accessory: Do tell.

With Labor Day on the horizon and approaching quick, the Summer is reaching its end. Fine with me. Early-mid Autumn is among my favorite times of year. Breaking out the scarves, mittens, sweatshirts, pajama pants, sweaters, knit caps, vests, tweeds, wools, etc, etc.

Time to break said items out of storage and prepare for blustery days of early sunsets, dark mornings, and leaves falling quietly from the elms.

LL Bean Signature Watch Cap - $49

That said, I am personally excited to break out my scvarves and beanies. Digging hard on the choice J. Crew and Rugby scarves below, plus looking forward to my aunt making me one of her own, I’m stoked to have stumbled upon the LL Bean Signature watch cap to maybe add to the collection this year. So, what is your favorite Autumn wear?

Rugby Striped Wool Collegiate Scarf - $89:50

J. Crew Washed Flannel Scarf - $39:50


2 responses to “Your favorite Autumn accessory: Do tell.

  1. A well worn hoodie, or my full length black coat.

  2. Definitely my shemaghs.

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