100 Days of Ties Project

UPDATE: 9/09/2010

Want to see your neck on the site? User submissions are welcomed and encouraged as we embark down a path that will lead to doing some good.

Join me in my 100 Days of Ties quest and submit pictures here.

UPDATE: 9/08/2010

While I know people wear ties everyday and my effort here may seem mundane, I have decided to turn this into a charity fundrasing effort. Whether you’re company willing to donate a tie to the cause along with some funds to a clothing shelter (or something along those lines), or a reader willing to throw a few bucks into the effort, I welcome all to join in on some level. And if you have another idea,  just email me.

Last Friday, September 3rd 2010, I made the decision to reup the style game I let slide a bit when signing on with a company that doesn’t bat an eye when flip flops and shorts are worn to the office.

“But what of the stockpile of accessories and nice clothes populating my closet? When do I foresee me wearing my ties, bow ties, buttonups, chinos, and slacks again,” I said to myself. The answer then became clear. “Wear the gear. Who cares?” So I am doing just that.

The 100 Days of Ties project, which will be have daily updates on my Tumblr, will see me sporting both the neackwear I currently own and those donated by companies or readers for 100 (work) days. Fair warning, you’ll see double maybe triples of the gear, but it’s an undertaking I will (hopefully) see through.

If you want to donate a tie to the project, I will gladly wear it, too. Just email me.

Cheers, friends.


4 responses to “100 Days of Ties Project

  1. Sounds like a fun project! I know what you mean about dressing down at work when you’re not required to dress up. The same thing happens to me every day. Flip flops, sweatshirts, and jeans.

  2. dude, may i make a recomendation? never wear a tie with a knit shirt. that’s actually worse than wearing flip-flops.

    • momentumoffailure

      I get that all the time. I try to dispell the myth from time to time. Swapped the picture still as it isn’t an accurate representation of my style.

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