Meet me and the Brothers Bray in the dollar bin.

Copped a choice Brothers Bray belt this past Labor Day weekend for the cool price of $10. Did some damage at Cherry Creek mall and also picked up 4 shirts from J. Crew (one pictured above), and a new pair of Vans Eras. Sort of regretting, though, not splurging on a piece from the Levi’s / Filson collab. Next time.


6 responses to “Meet me and the Brothers Bray in the dollar bin.

  1. Where’s your tie?!

  2. What’s the deal with the J. Crew shirt fit? Do you buy your true size, or are you sizing down? Thanks.

    • momentumoffailure

      I actually sized down on that shirt as it was the only one left, and I really wanted it. I like the fit of the size down from time to time, even if after lunch it does require a bit of suking in.

  3. Interesting. I generally wear size M across the board, but I’ve heard J. Crew shirts tend to run on the larger side. Do you think I should stick with M or opt for a S?

    • momentumoffailure

      I don’t think experimenting with sizes can ever be a bad thing. Like Marge says to Bart on the Simpsons: “You have to tru things on! Every brand has their own definition of ‘husky.'” But it’s true. I’ve found, too, that the fit of the shirts at the JCrew outlet are far inferior to that of the items at their flagships. Try a small w/ Crew and see how it goes. Leave the tags on if you don’t like it, and return it for the medium.

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