100 Days of Ties: Submissions and the Outcome

I started this project on a whim and to reup the style I let go by the wayside. Plus, my ties were collecting dust, and after building my collection, this aggression will not stand. At first, all I planned on doing was to wear a tie for 100 (work) days in a row. While this is not out of the norm for a good number of people, it’s not standard practice around my offices.

What started as a flight of fancy has turned into something more. As the days progress, I would like to see more and more contributions from readers resulting in a community of tie wearings joining forces for good. I welcome any and all ideas as to how to make this monetizable and raise money for a good cause/charity/etc.

Also, it would be cool to end the 100 Days with a party here in Denver or your respectable hometowns, should my out-of-state readers not be able to make a trip to the 5280, where we can all sport our finest and throw a donation or two into a bucket. Just an idea, and as I said, I welcome your suggestions.

Let’s see this grow!

Submit your pictures here.


Submit charity ideas here.

Cheers, all! Hope this is a success.


One response to “100 Days of Ties: Submissions and the Outcome

  1. Let me guess, your boss had a beef with you looking better than him?

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