100 Days of Ties: Day 10: Graham Withers & 1/10 of the way through

At the start of this 100 Days of Ties project, I was contacted by th folks from Graham Withers, offering me a tie and wishing me well on this journey. Now on Day 10, I chose to sport their navy cotton twill. Good weight feeling nice around my neck. I recommend checking out their other offerings.

Tie: Graham Withers
Shirt: J. Crew
Belt: Tanner Goods
Jeans: Levi’s 514


Nicolas Lazaro / Nickel Cobalt

Shirt: Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit
Tie: Vintage knit tie
Tie bar: USMC

Nick / Knot Belt Co.

He doesn’t wear ties. But A for effort!

Noodlefish / @Noodlefish

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3 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 10: Graham Withers & 1/10 of the way through

  1. I really like that Graham Withers tie. I’d never heard of them before and went to their website – several other very cool ties – the wool ones are fantastic and such beautiful fabric. I might have to make an exception to my pre-Vegas-trip austerity measures.

    • momentumoffailure

      It’s a helluva tie, man. It feels really nice, as I said. The dudes at the company too are very nice and super personable. It’s refreshing to see customer service alive and well. Plus, whenever I can help out a new business, I like to. I suggest ordering one today.

  2. I bought the Montagne. Nice.

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