100 Days of Ties: Day 14: 79/21

79/21? The wool and silk percentages that make up the tie today. Why not just make it an even 80/20? or 75/25? I suppose it could be a conversation starter…. “Say, is that tie 80% wool and 20% silk.” No, as a matter of fact, it’s not. Wanna grab a drink?

Tie/Shirt/Jacket: J. Crew


Jonathan Evans / http://blackandtannedny.wordpress.com/ - Tie: Vintage Ries of New Haven (slimmed down in the secondary market) / Shirt: J. Crew / Belt: H&M / Jeans: APC

Chris Miller / http://up--north.blogspot.com/ - Tie: J.crew / Blazer: Vintage / Shirt: Gitman x h(y)r

Scott Fontaine / http://srfontaine88.tumblr.com/ - Shirt: Express / Tie: Club Room / Hat: J. Crew Wool Driving Cap

Joseph Dobos / http://twitter.com/stcolumba - Shirt: Brooks Brothers / Tie: Hickey Freeman

Barron Cuadro / http://www.effortlessgent.com/ - Tie: Vintage / Shirt: J. Crew / Jacket: LLBean signature / Hanky: Target

Nicolas Lazaro / http://www.thebengalstripe.com/ - Shirt: BBESF / Tie: The Hill-Side / Tie bar: Amazon.com

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