100 Days of Ties: Day 20: 1/5 Down.

Tie: J Crew / Shirt: Modern Amusement / Jacket: Gap / Shoes: Red Wing for J Crew

Well, it’s day 20. We’re 1/5 of the way through. That means that we gotta start planning that finale party. NYC is the spot, methinks. Also, I am loving these submissions, everyone. Thank you for building a community around this idea. It’s only the tip of the iceberg, too. We are all moving and grinding and never quitting. 100 could turn into infinity.

Like I said, too, let’s see some more action shots. Ties in public. Go out. Be seen. Be classy. So thanks again all. And keep it up!


Jeremiah Simmons / Aheadlongdive.com - Tie: RL Rugby / Shirt: Gap Worker Denim / Pants: J Crew Utility / Belt: J Crew Canvas / Watch: Lacoste GMT with Chambray Strap

JRS / redclaysoul.blogspot.com/ - Shirt: LE Trim Fit UStripe / Tie: Polo by Ralph Lauren Squash Rackets / Jeans: Levis 501 from Sid Mashburn / Belt: Vintage Brass Buckle on leather strap / Watch: 1962 Omega Seamaster on Smart Turnout Strap / (Not Pictured): Orvis Gokey 10" Pull on Boots

Stephen Lloyd Dapasen - Tie: GANT - thrifted $2 / Tie Bar: From Chicago flea market for $1.50 / Shirt: J. Crew / Belt: Uncle's old Tommy Hilfiger from 80s / Watch: RAM squad leader watch w/ strap changed.

Noah Emrich / Tie: Uniqlo, Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Nicolas Lazaro / TheBengalStripe.com: Shirt: BBESF / Tie: Vintage navy knit / Tie bar: Amazon.com

Jonathan Evans / blackandtanned.com: Tie: Uniqlo / Shirt: J Crew / (Uniqlo belt, J Crew chinos, and Bass bucks not pictured).

Laura Underhill's Husband: Shirt: Rugby / Tie: jpress / Blazer: brooks brothers / Pocket square: lands end canvas

Stephon Carson: Shirt: Gap / Tie: Wembley

Gabe Alonso / GabeAlonos.com: Shirt: Lands End Canvas Tie: Umolorenzo Knit (angled, not straight) / Vest: Gap Puffer Down

Josh Premuda / Josh Premuda.com: Shirt: Vineyard vines Tie: YSL vintage wool Blazer: Benjamin bixby cord

Harold Fandino: shirt: J.crew / Tie: silk knit by Jack Spade / Blazer: Lands End chino blazer

Untitled Shop / Untitledshop.tumblr.com/: Shirt, Tie: J Crew / Bag: Fred Perry

Phil Glatfelter - Shirt: Lands End Canvas / Tie/Vest: J.Crew / Jeans: UO Unbranded Tapered (not pictured) / Shoes: Sperry Gray Canvas Boat Shoes (not pictured)

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.


5 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 20: 1/5 Down.

  1. Just came across your site and I have to say, Im enjoying each entry! The best of luck with the tie excursion! Its inspiring me to dig for my ties and rock’em more often.


  2. Hey, nice site. I like this idea about a-tie-a-day. Not only is it a fun distraction, but all of these photos submitted by you and the users are a good inspiration for the limitless ways to mix and match the ties with shirts.

    One suggestion, though. That blazer would look much better on you if you had a tailor take in the sides a bit. While it doesn’t look too big for you, it just gives you an overall boxy look. For instance, from shoulder to knee on both sides is almost a straight line. It’s more apparent on the left side of the picture (your right side).

    Otherwise, I like the ensemble.

    • momentumoffailure

      Agreed. The jacket needs a tailoring. I have yet to find a decent person to handle such tasks for me in the Denver area though.

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