100 Days of Ties: Day 22: The Colorado Rockies

Tie: Lumina Clothing / Shirt: J. Crew / Thoughts: Colorado Rockies

Bringing the confusion back, I am. Or at least the pose… This time though there’s a method to the maddness as I remain perplexed as to just how my beloved Colorado Rockies were able to cap off a decent season so terribly. Despite an 8 game losing streak to end it all, I don the colors of the team proudly by way of a sharp purple Lumina tie and gingham Crew shirt as I pose at the feet of the flatiron rocks of Boulder, CO.


Andrew Wong - Tie: Fascino / Sweater: Bluenotes

David / thenaturalaristocrat.blogspot.com - Bow Tie: Vintage (no label) / Blazer: Banana Republic / Shirt: Land's End / Belt: Vintage / Denim: Levi's 501

Tommy V. / thighsbiggerthanyourhead.blogspot.com - Tie: Christian Dior vintage / Shirt: Land's End Canvas / Sweater: Hickey

Ryan Sumner / http://denimdiary.net - Tie: Rugby / Jacket: Rugby Newbury / Vintage OCBD

Barron Cuadro / effortlessgent.com - Shirt, ID bracelet, straps: J. Crew / Tie: Fifth&Brannan / Watch: Timex / Bomber: Zara

Sean William / twitter.com/bostonMO - Letter Sweater and University Tie

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4 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 22: The Colorado Rockies

  1. Time to ditch the “emo” hairdo, man. It’s taking away from the aura you’re trying to convey with this project and your style.

    • momentumoffailure

      Agreed, but it’s for halloween, so I must keep up with it. Alas, all things take a certain amount of commitment.

  2. I like your hair, babe. The day you rock a crew cut is the day I question your aura. A gentleman, you are. Unquestionably.

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