100 Days of Ties: Day 23: Knowingly Posing

Shirt: J. Crew / Tie: Graham Withers / Tie Bar: eBay find / Watch: Timex / Belt: Brothers Bray / Stop Sign: Optional

I’m getting good at these, “Either look at the camera and not make it look like I’m posing,” and, “Look away from the camera like a Christian rock CD cover photo,” poses. Regardless of which direction I take in the AM, it would be nice to have someone else snap the shots. But I just don’t see that happening given I wake up a good deal before anyone else, and none of my friends make the daily Denver -> Boulder commute. So until I can afford a personal photographer to follow me around, these are what I am delivering. Plus, I feel like a pilot in my Graham Withers. And that’s awesome.

Jonathan Evans / blackandtannedny.wordpress.com - "Everything except the chinos (J. Crew) and the shoes (Bass) is Uniqlo. I promise this was not planned."

Jeremiah Simmons / aheadlongdive.com - Bow Tie: Trafalgar / Shirt: Brooks Brothers OCBD / Pants, Belt, Shoes (not pictured): something badass

Paul Balcerak / PaulBalcerak.com - "I used to be a pretty sloppy dresser, but blogs like yours got me to care and try harder, so this 100 Days of Ties submission is just my small way of saying thanks." - Tie: vintage / Shirt: Nordstrom's vintage / Jacket: H&M.

Joseph Dobos - Tie: J.Z. Gallery

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