100 Days of Ties: Day 24: My Favorite Number

Shirt, Tie, Cardigan - J. Crew / Denim - Levi's / Watch: Timex / Pizza place behind me: Organic (somehow)

Growing up, I played a lot of pee-wee football and little league baseball. I did so until I hit high school, and things got way too competitive. I took up playing music, skateboarding, and, well, “that” life. Anyway, throughout my sporting days on the fields of play, I donned the number 24. T’was always my fave. No rhyme or reason, really, it’s just, to me, a great number. So, today is a good day. Plus, I sort of remind myself of a schoolboy in my cardigan. (Those were the days…)



Lorenzo Diggins Jr. / theessentialman.com - Blazer: Opening Ceremony x Uniqlo / Shirt: GAP / Tie: Marc Jacobs / Pocket Square: Vintage / Jeans: RRL / Socks: Paul Smith / Shoes: Banana Republic

Stephen Lloyd Dapasen / twitter.com/sdapasen - Tie: Kenneth Cole - Thrifted $1 / Tie bar: From flea market $1.50 / Trench Coat: Vintage Burberry - from flea market for $12 / Mini Check Button Down: Gant / Belt: Coach - thrifted for $2.50 / Denim: Visvim Fluxus Raw Indigo

John Lugg / guidetobadtaste.blogspot.com - Tie - Brooks Brothers circa '82-'86 / Blazer - Brooks Brothers Brooksgate '85-'89 / BD RL Polo / Sweatshirt - '80s Izod/Lacoste

Stephon Carson - Shirt: Union Bay / Tie: YSL

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5 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 24: My Favorite Number

  1. Great Cardigan. Definitely has the Schoolyard feel.

  2. The tie and cardigan look is my favourite menswear outfit, hands down. It makes me exorbitantly happy.
    What you’re doing is really fantastic.

  3. Damn, blown away at the guy with the trench coat. Looks like I need to start hitting my local flea market & thrift stores. Big props to this cool project.

  4. momentumoffailure

    Thanks, all, for the nice words. This project has been a lot of fun so far, and we’re only 1/4 of the way through. Excited to see where it goes.

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