100 Days of Ties: Day 26: Castle Rock Outlet Stores and the manager at J. Crew

You cad, you: Shirt, Tie, Socks: J. Crew / Denim: 501 Selvedge / Shoes: Redwing Chukkas for J. Crew / Game: Jenga

What started with an outstanding brunch with the lady and her family at one of our fave local haunts turned into an odd, yet fruitful, Sunday. I had plans set for the day, but with one phone call (I’m not going into detail).  all those were dashed, and I made some impromptu ones, including jetting down to the Castle Rock Outlets to see about some new ties for the 100 Days project. ScoreI tend not to buy anything other than accessories from the Crew Outlet as their shirts and pants just don’t fit right…which is why they are at the factory. But ties? Cool.

On my jaunt back to the city, I had more time to kill and decided, Hell. I’ll stop into the Park Meadows J. Crew to see what they got.” It pays to know the manager at your fave shop. He clued me into a choice pair of selvedge 501’s for a knock down – drag out price. So while I had originally planned to spend no money this weekend, a change of plans saw me dropping a little. Eh, it happens, and now I’m set for awhile.



Angelo Spagnolo / eyefivestyle.com / angeloj.tumblr.com - Tie: Knit from the Tie Bar



Ben Bowers / gearpatrol.com


Sabir M. Peele / twitter.com/messtylepro215 - Knit Tie: Club Room/ Suit, Cardigan and Shirt: H&M / Pocket Square: (selfmade)


Ryan Sumner / denimdiary.net - Tie: Vintage / Shirt: Ben Sherman

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4 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 26: Castle Rock Outlet Stores and the manager at J. Crew

  1. No Awkward Stacks?

  2. As a Denver transplant, I can attest to the greatness of the Park Meadows J.Crew.

    I just got the selvedge 501’s in rigid indigo for $19.99 off of $148. Best deal I’ve gotten in quite a while.

    If you’re ever in LA, make sure to check out the J.Crew at The Grove or in Santa Monica. They both have fantastic men’s sections.

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