100 Days of Ties: Day 29: Juxtaposition


Shirt: H&M / Tie: Unis / Vest: J. Crew / Outside: Sunny


See, now, the vest, tie, and fresh-cut hair scream clean, while the untucked shirt lets everyone know I have a playful side as well. It may look like I’m all business sure, but take a closer look. Yeah, that’s right. That shirt’s untucked, son. And yeah those are JEANS, my man. Maybe you’d think that me donning a vest would also mean I am touting a killer pair of pressed slacks. Not the case, my friend. Maybe next time I’m wearing a tanktop… That would really throw the world outta whack.


Douglas Mayorga



Jonathan Evans / http://blackandtannedny.wordpress.com/ - Tie: Graham Withers / Shirt: Uniqlo / Jacket: Lewis Leathers for Garbstore



Stephen Lloyd Dapasen - Tie: Self made heavy cotton skinny tie / Mini tie bar: From an antique store for $3 / Shirt: Ben Sherman / Corduroy jacket: Gap thrifted - $3.50 / Belt: Nautica - thrifted - $2.50 / Gray Chino Pants: J. Crew


“Last spring, I took a 1 month sewing class with the intention to learn how to alter/tailor my clothes & thrifted clothing finds. This burgundy colored tie was one of the first items I made in the class. It’s a skinny tie at 2.5” width made from a heavy cotton fabric from an old blanket.

I definitely recommend anyone to take a sewing class, it opens a lot of opportunities for you to rework your pre-existing clothes by learning how to tailor them. Plus. you learn how to create your own clothes/accessories like ties inexpensively.”


Lawrence / sartoriallyinclined.blogspot.com - Shirt: Brooks Bros / Tie: Been Had / Polo, Jacket: Barbour



Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215 - Tie: Express


“This is the 1st tie I purchased right before I went to college back in 2003. I thought it gave that ‘I’m a man now’ look.”


James Jean / http://www.modernistrevival.com - Jacket: BR Monogram / Tie: JCrew / Shirt: H&M / Hanky: Brooks Brothers / Tie Bar: Vintage / Beard: model's own



Edwin Hu / Twitter.com/edwinhhu - Shirt: ModernTailor / Tie: Lands End Vintage / Jacket: J Crew



Ryan Sumner / denimdiary.net - Tie: Vintage / Japanese Selvage Chambray: J. Crew



Joe Quaglia - Tie: American Apparel / Shirt: Brooks Brothers / Sweater: BC Ethic



Noodlefish / twitter.com/noodlefish - Killin it art-style


Sam Jacobs / EatingEverywhere.com - Shirt & Jacket: J.Crew / Tie: GANT

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