100 Days of Ties: Day 30….Day 30, whoa.

Tie, Shirt: J. Crew / Sweater: Rogues Gallery / Foosball: I suck at it

Day 30 is upon us, my fellow tie-patriots. Thanks to those who have submitted thus far. As time goes by, Iw ould like to see more out and about pictures, myself included. I was also approached yesterday about how I’m making this be for charity, as I had originally intended. Well, I still haven’t thought of how to make that happen. If you got an idea, I’m all ears…and a part tequila.

See you in NYC in roughly 70 days, all.

Nicolas Lazaro / TheBengalstripe.com - Shirt: BBESF / Vest: Brooksgate / Tie: Berg & Berg

Untitled Shop / http://untitledshop.tumblr.com – Wearing: Clubroom, Ben Sherman, Naked & Famous, Cole Haan
Sam Jacobs / EatingEverywhere.com – Shirt & Tie: J.Crew / Tie clip: From Grandpa Sol Jacobs
This Fits / thisfits.tumblr.com – Shirt: J. Crew / Tie: eBay/Acquario Vignate (evidently, a shopping center in Italy…) / Tie Bar: Indochino
Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215

Jeremiah Simmons / AHeadLongDive.com - Tie: J Crew / Shirt: LL Bean OCBD / Tie Clip: Vintage

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.

One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 30….Day 30, whoa.

  1. I like what you’re doing here. It would be cool if the photos were more street style, though. To make it into a charity, you could do a tie collection and donate all collected ties to an organization that helps men get suited up for work.

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