100 Days of Ties: Day 34: Hail to the bus driver, man

Shirt, jacket, tie: J. Crew / Bus: BX / Row: 4 / Paper: Denver Daily / Crossword: CRUSHED

Anyone familiar with mass trans knows you see all typed riding the busses, trains, lightrails, etc. Though the BX Denver to Boulder and Boulder to Denver bus is usually populated with college kids, business commuters (myself included), and tourists, you still see a crop of those that look as though they slept in the bus station or a surrounding bench the night prior. While I, myself, only see these folks once or twice a day, the bus driver sees them all the time. And you gotta respect the drivers that have to deal with drunk college kids and semi-violent vagrants on the daily yet never lose their head.

"Slow down, this is our stop! You're gonna miss it! HEY!"

I am particularly taken with my morning bus driver I see everyday. Cool dude, nice, good driver, and has skin as thick as steel. Two “ladies” this morning (pictured) were making such negative comments towards the driver while sittin gin the front row….hence the use of quotation marks, as a real lady is far more polite. Never did he engage or lose his cool. Dude was a rock. I even felt the need to say a little something as I passed them upon exiting the bus. They may not have heard or it didn’t register as no response was given, but I gave my driver that, “I got ya, homey,” eye, and went to work.

Stay classy.


Ari Fuchs - Shirt: JCrew / Tie: Penguin / Cardigan: H&M

Out and about with Sean William (@BostonMo) and Lisa Birnbach (@LisaBirnbach) at Brooks Brothers for #TruePrep

Sam Jacobs / EatingEverywhere.com - Shirt & Tie: J.Crew / Sweater: GANT / Smirk: My Own / Eyes: Reading the Final Score of the Giants-Phillies Game

Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.net - Tie: John Henry / Shirt: Penguin

Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215 - Tie: Liberty of London

Should have probably said this before day 34, but clicking on the pitcures of the submitted ties will take you to their respective pages. That said, if you submit and want me to link to your Twitter or blog, include the URL with the submission.

– Will

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One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 34: Hail to the bus driver, man

  1. A quick quip about this tie. I was making a run into Target one day and saw the Liberty of London ties (also, dishware and shirts) and thought “hell yeah” I will take one of these for $17 dollars.

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