100 Days of Ties: Day 35: …And Out Come the Scarves

Tie: Lumina madras / Sweater, Shirt: J. Crew / Bag: Johnston & Murphy / Scarf: Highland Home Industries / Port-O-Let: Secured (almost)

I slept right through the alarm today warranting a drive to work versus bussing it. Every so often, though, it feels good to not be at the whim of a schedule and to cruise the open road even if it is at 5 MPH in gridlock morning rush hour. As I emerged from the parking garage, I found that the alley behind my office was blocked by two huge trucks (as you can see in the picture). I was able to fenagle a way around them and found a cool little spot to set up the camera. I tried the whole, “What, dude? I’m just walkin on by right quick….” look today. I wasn’t so stoked on how I myself looked in the shot, but I did like that I caught the port-o-let guy crushing that thing onto the back of his truck. What a shitty job…. Get it? BA-ZING!

It did feel good though to finally rock a scarf. Yeah I know I got a few things going on in terms of plaid and madras mixing, but it is what it is. Now, time to grind.


Sean Smith - Blazer: Zara / Tie: thetiebar.com / Shirt, glasses: vintage

Joseph Dobos - Tie: Hickey Freeman / Shirt: Taylor Stitch

Phil Glatfelter - Cardigan and Tie: J.Crew / OCBD: LEC ...God I need a better camera.

Benjamin Tate - Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt / Tie: J. Crew / Pants: Bonobos

Ari Fuchs / Twitter.com/AriFuchs - Shirt: Rugby / Cardigan: UO / Tie: Dad's closet

Sam Jacobs / EatingEverywhere.com - "Slow start on a Friday. Keeping it casual, but not too much. Bit of a chill in the air…yet, it will be 67 on Sunday. Gotta love October in New York." Sweater: GANT / Shirt & Tie: J.Crew / Mug: Oneonta State / Coffee: Trader Joe’s Dark Blend

Mr. This Fits / thisfits.tumblr.com - Shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Vest: Lands' End / Tie: eBay/Acquario Vignate

Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215 - Bowtie: Zadi Andrews / Sweater: H&M Happy Friday!!!


Jeremiah Simmons / Aheadlongdive.com - Bow tie: Graham Withers / Shirt: LL Bean OCBD


Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.com - Vintage on Vintage - "Casual Friday, bitches."

Thanks, all, for the submissions!! Keep them coming, as I am really liking seeing the dapper gents and fair ladies on the daily. Of course, there only has been one female entry….. HA.

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.


One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 35: …And Out Come the Scarves

  1. These are some great looks here. Thoroughly enjoying everyone’s submission today!

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