WANT: L.L. Bean Signature Duck Hunting Coat, or, I should never have opened the catalog.

Got home last night from work and found the Bean Signature catalog on my mail/breakfast/lunch/dinner/storer-of-various-things table and began to thumb through it. What started just a little bit ago, the Signature line has some choice items, a few of which I have the pleasure of owning.

With the Winter coming full force at us here in Colorado, I was taken with the Winter collection . Yeah it’s old news in le blogging world, I’m sure, but something should be said (or repeated) for the Duck Hunting Coat and the sheer badassery  of its luxuriousness look…As I have stated time and time again, I don’t particularly enjoy posting on items I have no experience with, as I cannot be all, “This thing is so awesome and comfy and you need to shell out the dough for it STAT,” because how am I some authority on whether or not you should. BUT, I will say that while I won’t be out shootin any mallards anytime in the near future (as I am not ruling it out as a whole), I will say this coat would look primo walking around this Winter on the streets of Breckenridge. It reminds me a little of Lloyd Christmas post finding the briefcase full of money…But in a really good way.

Also, a little food for thought, Dumb and Dumber was actually filmed in Breckenridge, and not Aspen…. The more you know…



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