100 Days of Ties: Day 38: Buffalo Check and Bling

Tie, Sweater, Pants: J. Crew / Peacoat: H&M / Scarf: Pierre Cardin / Rims: 20's....okay they 10's but I keep em clean

Alright so I will admit that isn’t my rig in today’s shot. And as I set up the camera for the self-timed goodness, I didn’t even notice this great white beast with some chromed-out footwear (yeah I am calling rims footwear for now), however after the 10 seconds commenced and I reviewed the shot, I opted to not take a second. I mean, why would I? I nailed the slightly-to-the-left look and captured a car in Boulder that isn’t a Prius….Plus it was around 35 degrees or so, and I was in no mood to stand outside any longer. But because today’s tie is making its debut on the 100 Days and you cannot see it for sh*t here, I took another closeup after getting to my desk and cranking away on the daily duties.

J. Crew outlet: $10.

So, there it is. copped it from the outlets of Castle Rock a few weeks back but had yet to rock it. Well, tie, welcome to the project.


Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215 - Tie: Club Room / Blazer: Banana Republic

Ari Fuchs / Twitter.com/AriFuchs - Donned in H&M, Rugby, Ben Sherman, Gap, Converse-Purcells

Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.net - Shirt: Banana Republic Chambray / Tie: Vintage

Joseph Dobos - Bow: Pierrepont Hicks / Sweater: Brooks Brothers

Thanks, all, and remember, mark your calendars. I counted down to the last day (of course I never see this ending really).

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.


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