Get Stiff: The Hill Side Waxed Canvas Tie

Yesterday was a good day. Not only did I kick some extreme ass at work but the Giants won game one, the Nuggets won their season opener against the Jazz, my lady and I had a delicious grilled dinner (yeah, I grill despite the temperature) complete with her famous quinua, and I came into a bit of unforeseen money. But to add even more icing to the proverbial cake that was yesterday, I got a package delivered to me as I worked diligently at my desk containing three choice items, one being Hill Side’s Waxed Canvas Tie.

When I first pulled it out of the box, I thought, “Damn this thing is tough…and gorgeous.” The deep red hue and rigidness of this thing is unparalleled. I was wondering though how hard it would be to form the knot for today’s 100 Ties post. I can now attest to the fact that today’s half windsor was no more difficult than that of a silk or knit.

I copped the Canvas from Wharf. There, you can get your necks on a plethora of other offerings from The Hill Side as well. It may seem a bit steep for a tie, but the $70 pricetag so far is worth it for a number of reasons: Individuality, quality, ans style. All things to look for in any garment you own.


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