100 Days of Ties: Day 41: Where the Lands’ End.

The morning gets darker and darker: Shirt, bag: Lands' End Canvas / Tie: J. Crew / Jacket: Gant Rugger / Denim, belt: Levis / Shoes: Sebago / Umbrella: Brooks Brothers

I had a truly nautical morning in the great land-locked state of Colorado. I woke a few minutes before “Hate to Say I Told You So,” by The Hives started playing, indicating the alarm on my phone going off. I pulled myself from the warm sheets and was met with the crisp morning air wafting in from my open bedroom window. Maybe it was the massive nights and perfect days of the past weekend that put me in such a good mood early today, but I was raring to go well before 5:30AM. I went through my normal routine (hair/teeth/body/etc), threw on a new Lands’ End Canvas shirt, some nice denim, tie, a pair of Sebagos I found while searching for a pair of boots for my costume this weekend, and the Gant Rugger Toggle, perhaps one of my new favorite pieces, grabbed my umbrella and hit the street for the walk to the bus. The November air was fresh as I walked through the rain failing miserably at not humming the G n’ R hit by the same atmospheric event name.

Feeling quite the Paddington Bear, I picked up the pace of my walk although I didn’t much want the journey to end. The smell of the Autumn air combined with the sounds of the cars passing by on wet asphalt… I admit that on my trek, I skipped a few times. Takes a big man to admit to skipping, unless you’ve seen me go down stairs. Inside joke….

Happy November all. Who is participating in that beard-growing for Cancer endeavor?

Closer up / Secret Forts-style shot of What I've Got On


Drake Land / http://givemeindiana.tumblr.com/ - Oxford: Lands End Mainline wrinkle free / Tie: Horchow Red, White & Blue (& Gold) scavenged from my fathers retirement closet giveaway / Chinos: Gap - that have withstood a fair amount of abuse.

Jonathan Curtis - Tie: Vintage / Shirt: Gap / Sweater: Penguin

Paul Arnow / Twitter.com/PaulArnow - Tie: The Tie Bar / Plaid Shirt and Blazer: J. Crew

Sabir M. Peele / Twitter.com/MensStylePro215 - Tie: J.Crew / Pocket Square: Armstrong & Wilson

Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.net - Oxford: Ralph Lauren / Tie: vintage harrington & express tie.

Lazy Bird Bakery / http://lazybirdbakery.wordpress.com/ - Tie: Vintage Vines

Matt Fox / FineAndDandyShop.com - Camo handkerchief and wool bow tie: Fine and Dandy

David Olson / thenaturalaristocrat.blogspot.com - Tie: Land's End / Jacket & Shirt: Brooks Brothers / Pocket Square: Ashear / Tie bar: Vintage no-label

Thanks all for another great day! And, to those who have inquired, the Boulder fire is now 100% contained. No one is quite sure what started it, though they do suspect it was human.

Get your tie pictures on ladies and gents!

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.

3 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 41: Where the Lands’ End.

  1. i thought i recognized that sharp dude in the penguin sweater.

    whatsup, J.C.? haha. lookin’ good.

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