Customer appreciation and an affirmation both courtesy of Lands’ End Canvas

I am quick to critique a company when they exude poor customer service practices (Every counter girl and boy at any H&M in NYC, I’m looking at you). I just don’t see the reason for it. Is it my fault you ended up hating life working a minimum wage retail job? No. In fact, you should be thanking me for keeping your ass in business. Just a few weeks back, in fact, I visited the Polo outlet in Castle Rock and inquired about a choice vest. However, the only one even resembling anything close to the size I wear was on the mannequin. I asked nicely to try it on. You’d have thought I asked for his firt born for a ritualistic sacrifice. I said, “Forget it, bro. Sorry to bother you at work,” and left. Sounds like I was the a-hole, sure, but, really? That’s your job, brosef.

Anyway, it’s little things like this that make you feel as though companies just don’t care anymore. That is until you’re willing to put yourself out there again and give a company another shot…even if it is for the first time. Enter: Lands’ End Canvas. Having made public my growing tired of shopping J. Crew almost exclusively, I took a chance and ordered a few hefty purchases from L.E.C. I ran the spectrum of items from an oxford to cardigan, and their canvas work bag to a rugby long sleeve. While I was thoroughly impressed with the fit and functionality (you can’t really attest to the “fit” of a bag), I was more taken with the level of customer satisfaction Lands’ End showed me.

Before any of said items even showed up, I get a hand-written card in the mail assuring me that each and every item is 100% guaranteed and if I am unsatisfied, go ahead and send it back. Hand-written. From Lands’ End. Not some fly by night. An established brand. Did they have to send a letter? No. Was it nice? Sure. Would it have been sufficient to send a form letter with relatively the same message? Yeah. Did they do that? No. So as one easily becomes disenchanted, one also becomes as easily reenchanted and dedicated. Not only is each and every item a perfect fit and function, the reach out is the sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

Anyone who knows me, too, knows I like the self-affirmation from time to time, especially after dropping a few red pennies on some choice items. So yeah, I never hesitate to write myself a little note. This is one of dos. I reserve the other for my girl’s eyes only.


2 responses to “Customer appreciation and an affirmation both courtesy of Lands’ End Canvas

  1. Will – thanks for posting about the effort the Lands’ End Customer Care team puts into these thank you notes. It takes a little extra time, but everyone here smiles each and every time one of the notes pops up in a blog entry, twitpic or posted to our Facebook page. These notes help remind our customers (and ourselves) that there are real people on both ends of the purchase. Hope everything you ordered works out for you. And if not, just give us a buzz. We’re here to help.
    (FYI: I work at Lands’ End. Views here are my own).

  2. Nice touch sending a written note back, when I got a thank you note like that from LEC i emailed them back thanking them for the courtesy. Looking back i should have written back as well.

    A few months ago at my local J. Crew they had some blazers on the sale rack, none in my size of course. I took a shot in the dark and asked the salesman Kyle if they had any in a small. He said that the last small was on the mannequin and he rushed over to get it. I was surprised by his eagerness and the fact he knew what was on the mannequin. I bought the blazer and made sure to tell Kyle’s manager how helpful he was.

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